Crunchy Surface Feel By Gravel Driveway Melbourne


For road and driveway resurfacing, quality material is employed in order to keep it original and fresh like before. Therefore, excellent performance driveway resurfacing products are invested in the applications. Strong products like concrete re-surface agent that can add extra tensile strength to the path is most recommended by engineers after the contractors and architects have visualized the degree of damage occurred on the roads. It effectively works to influence the lifetime of road positively and increase durability. Another driveway very popular in the West and hilly areas, is the gravel driveway Melbourne as it is equipped with facility of clay, sand, stones, rocks, etc. The gravels are very much different from the usual rocks and are suitable for placement for long driveways and walkways. It is the most chosen option for construction by limited budget owners, as it is cost-effective approach.

Use of driveway resurfacing products

Before resurfacing, it is better to note that the driveway resurfacing products selected are water-resistant, non-slippery, UV radiation resistant, able to stand excessive thaw cycles and resistant to freeze. The products applied for resurfacing should be resistant and effective against oil, grease and chemicals. Driveway resurfacing products should be strong enough to create a strong platform base for driveway that can bear the load of heavy traffic in the future. This is applicable for all residential and commercial areas pathways.

Driveway resurfacing products are usually applied in different chemical compositions and thicknesses. Some engineers suggest the use small layer while in few instance heavier layer of concrete re-surface agent is added to level or even out the broken concrete surface. About 24 hours of rest are required after resurfacing for commercial traffic areas, businesses and public space.

gravel driveway Melbourne

Residential area presentation and commercial localities are beautifully decorated with the addition of entrance, maintained by driveways. This can be done by the construction of gravel driveway Melbourne which fitted by different rock pieces, as these are different in every situation. Some variety of gravels are decomposed granites, pea gravels and crushed stones which are supplied by finishing materials like wood, stone and brick etc. Gravel driveway Melbourne is stabilized by placing the pieces in same size and shapes to make it comfortable while movement of people and automobiles.

Gravel driveway Melbourne like with crushed stones in fading colors from brown to off-white can create a crunchy feel for footpath. The gravel surfaces are better for outdoors rather than indoors. As, gravel stones are rough in texture and can stick under footwear which can in turn result in scratched floor surfaces during indoor movements.


Driveway resurfacing products are used for resurfacing of broken concrete roads, walkways and driveways. These are strong to provide new and original look to the damaged parts. The gravel driveway Melbourne is different from normal stones laced on roads, as they beautifully decorate the surface walk-through by the colorful appearance and crunchy feel.