Cloud services are also referred as the cloud computing. These are the process through which the services like the processing and storage are entailed through the internet. These cloud services are usually provided by some company to other companies for a fixed fee. In this way, the company who is acquiring the cloud services are using the processing and storage services of the virtual machines which are not on their own servers or hard drives but are on the cloud which is the server of provider company.

Introduction of the Mainframes:

Many people think that the cloud services are the services of the modern age but this is not true. In the era of the 1950, when the mainframe computers were designed. People accessed the central computer through the terminals which were called the dummy computers. The only objective of these dummy computers was to provide the access to the actual central mainframe due to the reason that it was not possible to buy a mainframe for each individual due to high cost and therefore, the concept of the shared computer came into existence which is the basics of the cloud services. Link here offer a better cloud services that will perfect to your business needs.

The concept of the virtualization:

In the era of the 1970, IBM designed the VM in the Operating system. The VM allowed more than one OS in the device which means that the on the same device having the windows you could install the Liunx OS and it would have its own memory and processing. Based on this, the concept of the virtual machines gains more popularity. After this many concepts came in to existence which made the roots of the cloud services even stronger such as the private networks, grid computing and many other.

Types of the cloud services:

There are majorly three types of the cloud services which are used in the businesses now a days. One is the SaaS in which the service providers provide the services over the internet once the other company has subscribed to it. The second is the IaaS in which the virtual machines infrastructure is provided to the subscriber’s companies and the third is PaaS in which the subscribers companies could develop their own kind of the custom applications which could be used by their entire team.

Types of the cloud:

The cloud which is actually the services hub have also four types. The first is the public cloud through which all the services are provided to anyone on the internet. Many times, these services are provided free of cost and other times these are charged. The other types of the cloud are the private, hybrid and the community cloud.