Further Info about Swiss Luxury Watch Brand – Patek Philippe

Natural Production

Limited edition would a way for promotion, but it is a sensitive subject. Limited edition should be precious, and is equal to the rare. But actually, many limited edition under balk production is nothing but high price and bright future, they still has a large number that are produced. As we have introduced before, the 8 branches have no limited edition, but there are some that is quite rare, such as Patek Philippe 5153 which is limited, but that doesn’t means that it is produced in large scale. Among Patek Philippe watches, annual production just reaches several hundreds, and the lowered one only has few. Those limited edition work cannot be bought even though you have money.

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Become VIP

Being a VIP means that you have much more choices than those non-VIP. I mean, registering in the Patek Philippe file, and becoming a VIP will be a license that grants you to order Patek Philippe complicated watches or enjoy other services that a non-vip could not enjoy. What’s more, being a VIP means that you are a loyal custom to Patek Philippe watch brand which is quite sure that you will buy its complication watches if you make the order. Considering Patek Philippe special statues in the watch industry, this VIP system would effectively eliminate the purpose of choosing Patek Philippe wrist watch as way to earn money, and makes the watch go to the people who need it and appreciate it, and the process of registering to be a VIP is a way of test.

In 2008, Patek Philippe watch brand in order to celebrate its Calatrava Golden Ellipe 40 anniversary, they promoted the platinum editions with the same suites. Patek Philippe Calatrava Ellipe series pursue the excellent quality, and presents the perfect proportion before us.